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A Family Tradition

Mdina Glass is a family business built around the concept that all members of its staff have an important contribution to make to the success of the company.

Joseph Said joined the company shortly after its inception in 1968 as one of the very first local trainee glassmakers. Said was immediately enthralled by the craft of glassmaking and progressed quickly. Said soon became very influential in terms of the design of Mdina Glass products, eventually taking on the role of Production Manager in 1975 (becoming the company's first Maltese production manager).

Said took over ownership of Mdina Glass in 1985 when Eric Dobson, co-founder and owner, decided to sell the company and return to the UK. This change saw a major turning point in the fortunes of Mdina Glass. Over the following few years Said invested heavily in the retail space, glassmaking facilities, glassmakers, and raw materials. he also introduced new products lines to update the comany's portfolio of glassware to appeal to changing consumer tastes.

Over the years, Joseph has passed on his enthusiasm for both the company and the artistic aspects of the business to his daughters Nevise, Olivia and Pamela, as well as his son, Alan.

Nevise, Joseph's eldest daughter, joined the company in 1995 after studying Accountancy and Business. Nevise now manages sales, corporate orders and trade exports.

Pamela studied Business and Retail Management and joined Nevise at Mdina Glass in 1998. Pamela's responsibilities include the management of Mdina Glass retail outlets and staff as well as managing the Ta’ Qali stores.

Although Olivia formally joined the company in 2000, she started dabbling in glassmaking as an eager seven year old. Olivia studied Management and Economics at University, graduating in 2000. She now oversees production and product design and has been key to the expansion of innovative products since the turn of the millenium.

Joseph Said’s son Alan was the last of his children to join the company. Since 2006, Alan has worked in production through glassblowing, fusion and engraving. He now manages the busy Mdina outlet.

The company’s management team is further complemented by Fiona Azzopardi, the company secretary and Mark Warner, Marketing Manager.

The company’s staff complement includes the shop assistants who man all the Mdina Glass retail outlets, as well as the store personnel and delivery driver who ensure that online orders are delivered or shipped promptly and that the company’s own outlets are well stocked with Mdina Glass products.

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