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What We Do

Mdina Glass was set up in 1968 as Malta’s first glass making company using a blend of traditional glassblowing techniques and those from the burgeoning studio glass movements of the early-to-mid 60s.

For decades, Mdina Glass was known for primarily producing small vases, bowls and paperweights that appealed to tourists visiting the islands and to trade export clients.

It was in the early 2000s that the modern identity of Mdina Glass took shape under the guidance of the Said family. This move into the home décor market saw the production team embark on lengthy development periods as new materials and techniques were employed. The results led to continuous invention. Larger, more colourful and expressive vases and bowls soon led to bespoke trophies, lighting products, lanterns, table and kitchenware, soap dispensers, scented candleholders, sculptures, installations, customised design projects and more.

Since Joseph Said took over the running of Mdina Glass in 1985, the company has added lampwork and fusion techniques to its production techniques and complimented these with glass engraving. These techniques were never available in Malta before being introduced at Mdina Glass and allowed for a greater variety of products to the portfolio, from intricate figurines and objects to plates, dishes, clocks, commemorative plaques and house names. Lampwork and fusion are also ideal methods for producing one-off or small quantity custom-made orders.

Recipe Ideas

We produce glassware that is both practical and decorative. We love the idea of our products being part of your every day living experien...

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